The Founding of the Dayton Unit NAACP

Founding of Local Unit

In 1914, from the 5th Annual Report of the NAACP: Prospective branches, most of the following are to be chartered in the near future:       

Albuquerque, NM      Columbus, OH           New Orleans, LA                St. Joseph, MO           Atlantic City, NJ        

Dayton, OH                Peoria, IL                            Toledo, OH         Baltimore, MD           Des Moines, IA          

Springfield, IL                Cincinnati, OH           Jacksonville, IL          Springfield, OH       

The Dayton Chapter of the NAACP was established on February 9, 1915 at Zion Baptist Church. The Dayton Chapter NAACP was Officially Chartered by the NAACP Board of Directors on May 10, 1915. During that year, the chapter had 75 members. Its primary objective that year was to stop attempt at segregation in Dayton Public Schools. For the year the chapter raised $96 to further its work.       

The First Branch Officers are as follows:       

James C. Farrow, President; Moses H. Jones, Vice President; William O. Stokes, Secretary; Miss L.M. Troy, Treasurer; Rev. Robert T. James, Chaplain.     

The First Executive Committee Members are as follows:       

Charles Price; W. D. Chamberlain; Frederick Rike; Mrs. Charles S. Kumler; E. C. Harley; Rabbi David Lefkowitz; Rev. E. E. Thompson; Mrs. Julia Carnell; Dr. B. A. Rose

Founding Documents

Dayton Unit NAACP Charter Minutes - 1915 (pdf)


Dayton Unit NAACP Charter - Original (pdf)


Dayton Unit NAACP Charter - November 2016 (pdf)


Dayton Unit NAACP Presidents Down Through The Years - Revised After Library of Congress Input 1-21-17 - September 2017 (pdf)